Reverse Mortgage Applicant Management

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No two reverse mortgage companies are alike. However, at the heart of all successful lending institutions is a commitment to follow a series of well defined business processes. MyLoanBiz is an industry leading reverse mortgage software solution built on the platform. It will help your organization implement a consistent way to capture applicant & loan data for operational purposes. Contact us for a demo today.

Implementation & Configuration

A Reverse Mortgage CRM package only has value if your employees are utilizing it. Proper mapping of your Reverse Mortgage Applicant system to your business processes in conjunction with proper employee training is the key to maximizing user adoption. MyLoanBiz will help you develop the automated workflows, reports and dashboards that will allow you to efficiently manage your reverse mortgage business.

Data Migration

Your most valuable information is your closed loan data. Unfortunately most reverse mortgage companies find it is trapped inside their Loan Origination System (LOS). By moving this data to a relational database system like the MyLoanBiz, you will gain new ways to look at your information and therefore greatly expand your marketing capabilities.